Alison Schreiber is an experienced HR professional who provides practical and pragmatic outsourced HR support to SMEs in the Durham and Darlington area.

The HR Dept specialises in Employment Law, contracts of employment, disciplinary and grievance, appraisal, performance management, absence management, dismissal and redundancy, TUPE transfers, employee surveys, training and development, payroll, recruitment, health and safety.

Alison’s areas of expertise also include job evaluation, compensation & benefits, leadership, change management, employee engagement, coaching and diversity.

For more info, visit HR Dept Durham and Darlington or call Alison on 01325 526036 or 07535 853226.


HR ADVICE: HR horror stories

It’s creeping ever closer to Halloween and you don’t always need pumpkins and ghouls to have a horror show. We’ve gathered some HR nightmares from across The HR Dept to give you a scare: A nightmare from payroll After a new payroll system was implemented at a...

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HR ADVICE: The impact of smoking on businesses

Smokers cost their bosses and small businesses almost £2,000 per year in lost productivity for cigarette breaks, research from the British Heart Foundation shows. An average of one in five members of staff smoke, taking four cigarette breaks a day, that each last...

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HR ADVICE: Is monitoring staff comms spying?

You would think that it is entirely reasonable to check on your staff to see if they are spending their time at work doing company work – and not using the company IT systems for personal use. However, a recent ruling from the European Court of Human Rights disagrees...

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HR ADVICE: Keeping your best staff

Five tips to help keep your best staff It’s been another turbulent few weeks for the White House staff. The latest communications director lasted merely ten days, Trump’s chief of staff 189 days, his press secretary 182 days, and his national security adviser only 24...

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HR ADVICE: Working from home

Working from home – Keeping your remote employees engaged There are many benefits for both employers and employees in allowing staff to work from home. But it is possible that remote employees may become disconnected from their office-based colleagues. A strong...

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HR ADVICE: The Holiday Headache

Is your desk strewn with holiday requests? It’s that time of year when it seems that everyone wants to take time off, with employees facing long school holidays, weddings, family getaways or festivals. But you still have a business to run, so managing who is off and...

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HR ADVICE: Are you watching the glass door?

The way we choose what to buy, and who to buy from, has changed. No longer do we trust the marketer’s word; we look instead to what other buyers are saying. Buying from Amazon? Your eyes probably skip the description, landing instead on the reviews. This is where the...

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HR ADVICE: Scary interviews

Interviews. The word itself is enough to stress some of us out. They are the Marmite of recruitment – some people love them and others can’t stand them! It’s probably because everyone’s had, at one point, the interview where everything went well. The interview where...

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