East Durham and its local history and stunning coastline is the inspiration behind a new exhibition of works at a cultural hub in Seaham.

Artist Ken Lockwood has been sharing his unique perspective of East Durham in a new art exhibition called Havs Skrap, which is available to view at Spectrum Cultural Hub at Spectrum Business Park in the town.

On the preview night, visitors came from as far afield as Germany to view the exhibition. Ken also treated people to a tour of his studio space which is also located at Spectrum.

The work is inspired and informed by Ken’s fascination with local history and the coastal landscape and comprises many recent paintings, sculptures and installations.

Several artefacts, which he found on the beaches in the area, have made their way into his sculptures, adding extraordinary poignancy to the work on show.

And what of the exhibition title, Havs Skrap? Ken said: “It’s Swedish. It means ‘scrap’.”

Ken Lockwood’s exhibition is open 10:00 to 16:00 hrs, Monday 10 to 16 September.